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How to Pick Argumentative Essay Subjects

Writing essays is always a standard feature when it comes to English as a language in schools. It even gets more intense and complex as a student progresses up the grades. For most institutions, teachers can assign student topics or allow them to pick subjects of their own. In college and high school, however, the liberty of choosing topics gets even more limited for students.

Argumentative Essay

It is an essay type that requires a student to investigate a subject by collecting, generating, evaluating evidence, and establishing a position on the subject matter. Such an essay requires a student to have three critical skillsets; research, writing, and analytical skills. So how can a student select an ideal subject to compliment all these to come up with an excellent paper?

Selecting an Argumentative Essay Subject

Students at times think that getting assigned a topic is more comfortable than developing your own. But it’s often more comfortable and better to come up with and develop your subject. For you to write an argumentative piece, you need to gather every valuable and reliable source about an issue or order a written work at Mypaperwriter.com. Such sources include books, academic journals, newspapers, formal reports, textbooks, documentaries, and writing service blogs, which are primary sources. Don’t hesitate to use and to cite external sources even if the area you’re looking at is your specialty. 

Priceless Guidelines and Marks of an Excellent Argumentative Essay Subject 

For an attractive essay piece that will fascinate everyone, ensure that:

  • You choose a subject that trends, and for this, you need to be attentive to circulating rumors.
  • You pick a question to which the answer lacks among a considerable proportion of people.
  • You pick a disagreeing audience to your perspective.
  • You settle on a problem that has divided opinion, and everyone has a distinct perspective.
  • The issue you settle on mirrors your interest and don’t stray too far. 
  • You don’t pick an apparent argumentative essay subject.
  • You don’t settle on subjects that don’t stir arguments and for this, avoid topics that enumerate scientific facts known over centuries.
  • The topic focusses on vital issues that can lead to global conflicts.
  • The topic has a connection to gender, religion, and other sensitive societal issues.

Examples of Top Argumentative Essay Subjects

Argumentative essays are of different niches, and these can entail, sports, education, college and middle school, health, etc. 

Examples include;

  • Education has to be open to every individual
  • Reasons why US citizens are rapidly becoming obese
  • Students must get limited internet access
  • Enlisting in the military for young individuals should be voluntary
  • Is learning so commercialized at the moment?
  • Are tests such as the ACT and SAT effective in the assessment of students?
  • Benefits and drawbacks of taking an MBA program
  • Which unassailable sports record exist?
  • Society has to fight anorexia
  • The real fitness, food, and weight relationship
  • Is golf in demand
  • People who take steroids should get outlawed from team sport events 

It would help if you recalled that not everything in existence is black and white and that everything always has different facets to it. You need to value opposing views just as much as value those who support your perspective concerning specific issues. When you do so, your argumentative essay will have higher regard among many individuals than it would have in normal circumstances. 


Picking the right subject for your argumentative essay is the beginning of writing a captivating essay piece. But to do so, you need to know how to pick one, and these tips will surely help you in your quest.

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