Guidelines for writing opinion essay

Opinion essay demands students to author their opinions regarding the topic. The students support their perspective with applicable explanations and examples. Before writing a paper, it is essential to explore the topics, definitions, structure, and requirements.

Opinion essay

An opinion essay is a task that comprises questions that permit learners to share opinions on the topic. Students ought to express their feelings in a particular way while giving views on the problem connected to the area with reasonable logic. Opinion essays include the use of a student’s perspective, which segregates them into points supported by explanations and examples. The opinion essay should address the audience directly, and the introduction includes a mention to book, play, or speech. Next will be a rhetorical question.

Types of students that author an opinion essay

Students enrolled in global English language testing by the British council and Cambridge assessment English write opinion essays. These students could be learning in college or high school. The program improves the degree of English in the students. It also allows students to express their sentiments when writing.

Requirements for opinion essay

Avoid writing off-topic:  At all times, write within the significance of the allocated question. Going off-topic is also beating around the bush; it ought not to be in opinion sentence as it can lead to low grades.

Indent the initial paragraph: As with other scholarly papers, opinion essay is the same. The initial introduction line should have intended.

An excellent thesis: It is a short explanation of an opinion essay that governs the entire paper. Have all information that you desire to be in the body.

Use official language: Even though the use of informal style is acceptable, stick to the use of formal language.

Avoid Internet jargon: In my opinion, essays reduce the use of idioms such as OMG, LOL

Use first-person language: To express personal thoughts, make use of the first-person language.

Avoid unofficial punctuation: Use of informal punctuation such as exclamation marks, emojis, and dashes is a no.

Avoid the use of contradictions: Ensure all grammar and spelling are correct.

Opinion essay topics

It is essential to select a topic from a variety of opinion essay topics. Choosing an opinion essay topic can be fast, but it is logical to select a topic that is interesting to you or that you are passionate about. Else, the authoring process will be tedious. It will make sure that your essay will be well written and practical.

Structure of opinion essay

Students tend to struggle with paragraphs format when they are writing opinion essays. The usual five-paragraph essay format works for opinion essays. It can be hard for beginners to find the contents of each section, hence following opinion essay structure by beginners is necessary. Opinion essay has the following structure:


  • It addresses the audience and outlines the subject matter
  • References a play, book, or speech
  • Have the writers name and date of publishing in brackets


  • Few sentences for a small description
  • Few sentences to summaries the whole paper
  • Few sentences that connect the initial body paragraph

Body paragraph one

  • Buttressing argument
  • An example
  • An explanation
  • A connection sentence to body paragraph two

Body paragraph two

  • Buttressing argument
  • An example
  • An explanation
  • A connection sentence to body paragraph three

Body paragraph three

  • Buttressing argument
  • An example
  • An explanation
  • A connection sentence to conclusion


  • Few sentences to summaries the paper
  • A conclusion sentence