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Advanced Guide on Meeting Your Essay’s Length Requirements

As a student, you can get assigned an essay by your instructor at any moment. Such articles often come with length requirements, which get reflected in the form of word counts. However, you can sometimes get presented with a unique situation where you cannot seem to get the material to fulfill the word count specified in the essay. In such scenarios, what can you do?

Most college students often face this scenario in their exam or assignment essays, and it often arises due to various factors, including missing class when the subject got covered. Additionally, it can occur because of not paying sufficient attention to your instructors when the subject goes taught. Simultaneously, the other reason could entail getting a topic with very little and unreliable information.

Despite the mentioned reasons, you cannot do substandard work on your essay, and it becomes critical to adopt these guidelines to ensure your word count tallies with what your instructor requires.

The 3 Hacks of Making Your Essay Piece Longer

Adequate and proper planning always plays a pivotal role in any academic assignment. However, it comes to the fore more prominently when you realize a specific word count in your essay write-up. Some students would think to take the shortest route and inflate their word counts, though this always proves misguided, as much as it can help to a specific degree. Here you have to approach your essay strategically to avoid getting on the wrong side of your instructor. To do these, consider the following.

  • Develop a plan. It can always happen that your essay falls short of the required length because you failed to remember mentioning some points. Therefore, whenever you notice something that cannot add up, you may get tempted to reintroduce some information, which may need plenty of changes to become a reality. It, therefore, becomes essential to develop a plan on all the issues you want to mention besides how you will back them all up. 
  • Prepare some quotations. Quotations entail one of the simplest but legitimate methods of bloating the word count of your essay. However, you need to become proficient and crafty enough to integrate them without rewriting large chunks of the same. Therefore, try and do preliminary reading to allow you to pick a few of the applicable quotes. After this, please note down where you would like them to appear in your plan. Such a strategy will make it easier to develop and incorporate them as you write your work. However, avoid overdoing it to ensure the essay reflects your personality and originality.
  • Get relevant examples. It becomes crucial to use models in supporting your points and making your essay piece longer. However, in these instances, you have to illustrate that you have researched widely and comprehend whatever you are advancing. For this reason, ensure the examples prove relevant to the points expressed. You can use photos, graphics, schemes, text, etc., to support your claims or arguments.

Additionally, you can lengthen your essay by incorporating phrases, words, and constructions when doing your write-up. Here, you can elect to go with transition phrases and words such as however, therefore, thus, likewise, so, etc.

Further, you can check your paragraph structure to ensure it lengthens your essay. Start by using the topic sentence, your main point, the supporting evidence, your argument, then finally, the conclusion or transition. You can also decide to use extra words that you would ordinarily use.


Meeting the length of your essay illustrates discipline, diligence, and the technical know-how of writing about a specific subject in the essay. Therefore, try and adopt these hacks to ensure you never fall afoul.

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